Why purchase a slow dog feeder?

Do you have a greedy dog who  – as soon as the food comes out its gone?

Dogs can get so distracted during meals they just gorge and don’t even realise they are full. Dogs are pack animals and they instinctively eat fast so they don’t have to share, or they hide their food – who hasn’t seen a dog digging and hiding?

There are serious health problems that can evolve from this overeating, canine bloat is a serious health condition. Canine bloat is often a life threatening illness that strikes a good many dogs every year and the outcome of each dogs affliction depends on a variety of factors.

When a dog eats too much and too quickly canine bloat can occur, this happens because during the passing of the food through to the stomach there is a build up of gasses and the stomach begins to blow up like a large balloon. As gasses continue to build up the stomach stretches and soon it stretches beyond its limits and the circulation of blood to the heart is prevented. During this mass expansion of the stomach the stomach also experiences a lack in blood flow which can result in death of stomach tissue. Damage that occurs to the stomach as a result of bloat is not damage that can be repaired or reversed since it generally involves cell death.

So purchasing and using a slow feeder is an investment worth making for those greedy dogs amongst us. Not only will your dog have to actually work for the food they get but they will slow down, fill sooner and not gorge themselves into illness.

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