Who grooms their cat?

Cats are well known for spending hours on their ‘beauty regime’ so hands up who actually grooms their cats?

King Komb Small

Cats will naturally lose their dead hairs, outdoor cats tend to shed more in the spring summer, whereas indoor cats will shed all year long. As we are not fully into the shedding season regularly grooming of your cat is essential to maintain hygiene throughout your house. Properly grooming your cat at this time of year at least twice a week is not only going to save your sofa but is actually a great bonding exercise but also has great health benefits for your feline friend. Regular brushing of your cat removes dirt, dead hair and grease from the outer garment, however it will also promote blood circulation and cleaning of their skin.

What can be done to avoid the constant having to vacuum the sofa, carpets, beds, etc?

We recommend the King Komb (small), this amazing product removes loose hairs gently under the coat, thus reducing shedding to a very large extent. You can use the handy self-cleaning tool to say goodbye to all the excess hair. The retractable action is the ultimate grooming and deshedding tool for your cats (and small dogs), first use the retractable shedding comb to get into the undercoat and remove all the dead hair.

After use the 51 perfectly sized rubberized bristles to remove allergy triggering dander’s, this not only promotes blood circulation but keeps your cats coat silky smooth. These bristles are fantastic for bonding with your best friend as they massage and stimulate the coat and skin – appreciative purrs all round!


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