Spring has Sprung… time to clear the garden

Clearing up the garden of dog poo is an important task that needs to be done immediately now that the daffodils are out. Dog poop lying on the ground can be quite dangerous contrary to what most people think. It contains parasites that could be harmful to human beings. There is also a high chance of somebody stepping on it spreading bacteria that is contained in the dog poop. Using a proper scoop is one of the best methods to get rid of the dog poop during this summer season.

The Arms Length scoop is a device used to pick up your animals waste, not only from your garden but also when you are out walking. It so easy to use, and the clever design means you no longer have to bend down to pick up the poo. The poop scoop comes with a grass rake and flat scoop so easy to use on grass and concrete alike. Its created using hardwearing aluminium making it strong but lightweight so great for anyone with any back, hip or knee issues.

After you have collected the poop, disposing of it in the right way is also important. There are different methods for disposing of dog poop. Clearing your garden of dog poop is a simple and yet important task to carry out frequently during this summer season.

The ‘Arms Length’ really is a must have for all dog owners

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