Hazards of pet poop during pregnancy

Make sure to Avoid Pet Poop during Pregnancy….using a reliable scoop that allows you to clean up after your pet but not handle the excrement.

Household pets, like dogs may carry diseases that can be dangerous to a pregnant woman and her developing foetus especially the poo. This is transmitted from the expectant mother to the unborn child through the placenta. This can result in congenital infection where by the infection is present upon birth.

A dogs poop can contain a microscopic organism called toxoplasmosis which can be passed to human kind. Dogs can acquire it from rooting in infected soil or ingesting a cats mess. Cats are recognised as the primary host of this infection.   If in any case a pregnant woman becomes infected while she is pregnant she may experience sickness and issues with the pregnancy.

The advice is always for pregnant women to completely avoid contact with pet excrement, therefore avoiding collecting the poop and especially handling it. If you have a Scoop available this will not only avoid any contact with the mess but it also saves having to bend to pick it up.

We here would recommend you use the Arms Length this is an easy to use and wash product, its clever design means you no long have to bend down to collect the waste your best friend has left behind.


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