Indoor or outdoor….. the great cat debate!

So in your opinion which Is Better For Your Cat?

Wondering whether to keep your Domestic cats in the house or to let them outdoors?

There are so many things to consider when you get your new ball of fur. They are beautiful and hiding under the sofa, and purring after a few days and climbing onto your lap. You can’t imagine letting them out of your site.

So a few weeks in and scratched furniture and your ball of fluff hanging off the curtains – do you let them outside? A bit consideration that most domestic cats will want to go out, especially if you have a rescue that has decided they want to go outside. Therefore, the best thing you can do for yourself and the anxiety of your cat is to stay consistent from birth with them, or at the very least from the point of adoption.

If however you became the lucky cat owner when they were a kitten it will be easier to keep them indoors. The upside of having an indoor cat is this will reduce and in some cases eliminate the dangers that your outdoor cat will face.

Because of this, indoor-only cats have on average a much longer lifespan than a cat that’s lived outside his whole life, or even part of it. Indoor cats are also cleaner and have almost no chance of dragging in an unwanted dead mouse or bird or rolling in dirt and tracking it inside on your carpet. However, keeping your cat indoors at all times will increase the need to clean the litter box as they won’t have any other option for taking care of their waste. Outdoor cats have a lot more “natural” places to do their business, but an indoor-only cat has just the one.

Outdoor cats are also generally thinner as they’re far more active than indoor cats. This is mostly because of the limiting space a house can provide, as well as the increased level of activities in the outside world. One of the most important things you need to consider if you do decide to keep your cat indoors is they do need exercise they aren’t going to be bounding off fences, sheds, garages as your outdoor cat will.

Getting your indoor cat a system that will keep them active, and encourage their natural urge to hunt is imperative to their well being.

Cats are born to hunt, it’s in their genes and what has kept these natural predators on our planet for thousands of years – it’s not a coincidence that a cat is the king of the jungle you know!

Even domestic outdoor cats have the natural hunting urge, whom among us hasn’t received a ‘present’ from our furry friend in the morning? Domestic cats can hunt and eat more than 1000 species including mice, birds, rats, moles and fish throughout their lifetimes. Their entire body is made for the hunt, their senses are more developed, cats can see and hear better and have skills and instincts that help catch their prey.

Indoor cats are no different, they have easily become lethargic and ultimately overweight if they aren’t encouraged to hunt and play. If you have a house cat it’s easy to become complaisant and just fill their bowls in the morning and evening and letting them roam the house while you are out at work. But let me ask you a question?

Using the Doc & Phoebe system is the only way to feed your cats, the brilliant system comes with little mice you can fill with their favourite dried foods and hide all around the house. This keeps them busy playing, hunting and active throughout the day (and night). the Award winning Doc & Phoebe no bowl system will revolutionise how you feed your house cats. This fantastic product has been developed over several years by Dr Liz Bales, not only a dedicated cat owner but a Veterinarian so the science behind this product is tried, tested and used by Dr Bales and her thousands of happy customers. To discover more about this amazing house cat feeding system please visit here

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