Special Award goes to MDC Exports

As part of its 60th birthday celebrations, International Cat Care presented a special award to Melvyn Driver of MDC Exports for ‘Innovations in Humane Cat Population Management’. Presented at the charity’s Annual Awards ceremony at Church House in London on 13th July, the charity wanted to recognise the huge impact which MDC Exports’ products have made in facilitating humane Trap, Neuter and Return (TNR) projects internationally, with their range of cat traps, cat restrainers and cat transfer baskets.

During International Cat Care’s 60th year, the charity has been developing its work with unowned cats, and as part of this, it has been looking at best solutions for their care. Back in 1958 when International Cat Care was founded, stray and feral cat populations in London were regularly poisoned, shot or gassed. Melvyn Driver, then working in pest control, decided this was not the career for him and decided to build up a catalogue of humane animal handling equipment which would enable cats to be trapped and then released elsewhere. His company MDC Exports was soon contacted by people at the forefront of the Trap, Neuter and Return movement who wanted to use it for projects which were emerging as a humane way of controlling cat populations. The equipment was a game changer for the management of feral cats, allowing them to be trapped and returned rather than killed.

Melvyn has over the years gathered a team of quality engineers who work with him to develop products, integrating knowledge on cat behaviour from the welfare world with developments in materials, such as plastic-coated mesh. The products were tested in the field with people working to trap and neuter cats. Following on from the traps followed the Trap Transfer Retainers to simplify the process of getting the cat into a carrier ready for transportation and allowing the trap to be reset immediately.  Adding a restraining panel to develop the Trap Transfer Basket meant that the cat could remain in the same carrier until anaesthetised – removing the requirement for any conscious handling, meaning greater safety for the handler and less anxiety for the cat.

This equipment has stood the test of time and has facilitated humane TNR for so many cats worldwide. Apparently some which were purchased 40 years ago are still working today! The EeziSet Cat Trap is MDC’s best-selling trap and over 500 are sold every year. The company has also generously donated much equipment over the years to help those trying to help cats all around the world. This special award has been created to recognise the importance of these products and the hard work and dedication of Melvyn Driver and his colleagues.

(Press release copied from https://icatcare.org/press-media/mdc-exports)


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