Anxious Pet …. NO MORE! The RelaxoPET PRO!

When a crazy dog lays down in less than a minute this is a must buy!

The RelaxoPet PRO has time and time again proven to be working. We decided to ask our most crazy, anxious, stressed out dog owner to try it out and the results were beyond anything we could have imagined.

Apparently it took a couple of days for the dog to actually notice the product and he certainty was curious and was forever next to it but after a few days the owner started to notice the difference.

When you don’t turn the relaxopet on!!!

The owner has confirmed that she was astonished with the results, the average calming time is around 2.5 minutes. She forgot to switch it on the other day and came home to a ruined, gutted cushion. Its not the dog that is naughty, he is anxious and hates being on his own and especially can’t cope with noise outside – if his humans are indoors or outdoors!

The relaxopet pro has changed the way the dog reacts to noise and stress.

Its now available to purchase online and in major retailers – it works for Dogs, cats and horses

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