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Uniquely shaped bamboo + nylon tough dog chews


Bamboodles are designed for your dog to hold the chew toy in their paws, using the unique T design. The infusion of Bamboo stops the toy from snapping or sharding and will just flake away over time.


Bamboodles T-Bone

Our Bamboodles ‘T-Bone’ is tough. The natural strength of bamboo fibre combines with nylon fibres to create a longer-lasting, durable chew toy - suitable for all dogs, including those more aggressive chewers. Removes tarter, reduces inflammation and cleans teeth.

  • A satisfying, long-lasting chew to keep dogs entertained for hours and discourage destructive behaviour
  • Combines bamboo fibre and nylon to mimic a wooden texture for an authentic chew and durability with aggressive chewers
  • Easy to grip T-Bone shape can be held by dogs while they chew, mimicing natural behaviour
  • Helps control plaque & tartar thanks to the raised nubs on the surface. Reduced oral bacteria can help with bad breath
Name Code Barcode
Beef Small (4”) P200-000 5060805530008
Beef Medium (6”) P200-001 5060805530015
Beef Large (7”) P200-002 5060805530022
Chicken Small (4”) P200-003 5060805530039
Chicken Medium (6”) P200-004 5060805530046
Chicken Large (7”) P200-005 5060805530053
Peanut Butter Small (4”) P200-010 5060805530107
Peanut Butter Medium (6”) P200-011 5060805530114
Peanut Butter Large (7”) P200-012 5060805530121

Bamboodles Y-Bone

Bamboodles Y-Bones are tough. These new shapes from the Bamboodles range are suitable for all dogs, even the most aggressive of chewers. The Y Shape massages gums while the infusion of flavour keeps your dogs coming back for more. The Y-Bone is tough and durable but still comes with the original bottom T allowing your dog too hold their Bamboodles with their paws and keep it stable while chewing.

  • A satisfying, long lasting chew to keep dogs entertained for hours and discourage destructive behaviours
  • Combination of Bamboo and Nylon making it tough, the bamboo infusion makes the product flake away. No sharp edges!
  • Easy to grip shape, can be held by dogs while they chew
  • Helps control plaque and tartar
Name Code Barcode
Bacon Small P200-013 5060805530220
Bacon Medium P200-014 5060805530237
Bacon Large P200-015 5060805530244

Bamboodles Puppy Chews

Bamboodles Puppy chews created for small to medium puppies up to 7kg. Available in 3 shapes for the most aggressive and determined of puppy chewers. Puppies chew by nature and these Bamboodles Chews help massage gums and freshen breath, strengthening important jaw muscles while reducing boredom and anxiety.

  • A satisfying, long lasting chew to keep dogs entertained for hours and discourage destructive behaviours
  • Durable and long lasting vegan chew with chicken flavour
  • Specifically created for puppies up to 7kg to satisfy puppy teeth and their chewing needs
  • Bamboo and Nylon mimics a real wood texture
Name Code Barcode
3-Pack Chicken P200-020 5060805530497
X-Bone Chicken P200-021 5060805530503
I-Bone Chicken P200-022 5060805530510