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Experts in producing life enhancing products based on ultrasound

CleanyTeeth is a revolutionary new dental care solution for dogs. The ultrasound toothbrush has a highly effective cleaning action compared to conventional dog toothbrushes (manual, acoustic, electric or rotary).


CleanyTeeth For Dogs

  • Removes tarter, reduces inflammation and cleans teeth
  • 100% Ultrasound toothbrush makes it stress-free for your dog with zero noise or vibration
  • When used with Cleany Teeth specially formulated toothpaste it kills bacteria in places brushes can’t reach, particularly in the gum pockets
  • Ideal for home care or professional use
  • Quick and easy to use in just ONE MINUTE a day
  • Two sizes of brush heads available to cover all breeds
  • Rechargable with USB
Name Code Barcode
Starter Kit P180-001 767523592855 P180-001 767523592855
Dog Toothpaste P180-002 785983471527 P180-002 785983471527
Replacement 3 sided brush head P180-003 785983471503 P180-003 785983471503
Replacement Single Head (2pk) P180-004 767523592862 P180-004 767523592862