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Arm’s Length™ Pooper Scooper

The Arm’s Length Pooper Scooper offers a quick, convenient and easy way to clear up after dogs and other animals that may leave unwanted presents in your garden.

Its clever telescopic handle design means you no longer have to bend down to pick up poop! The Arm’s Length comes with a grass rake and a flat head scoop option making it ideal for all surfaces. It’s lightweight and can be clipped together after use for easy storage.

  • Grass rake and flat scoop options makes it ideal for the garden, gravel paths or patios
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Height adjustable telescopic handle
  • Removable heads for easy cleaning
  • Clips together for easy storage
Name Code Barcode
Arm’s Length™ Pooper Scooper P141-600 8331151416009 P141-600 8331151416009

Smart Collar

Also known as the Elizabethan Style Collar, the Smart Collar is a humane method of preventing animals from aggravating a wound or injury. It is made from a robust, flexible, lightweight and translucent plastic, which helps aid visibility. The patented neoprene padding on both inner and outer edges creates a product that is far more comfortable for the animal to wear at a time when they may be stressed.

  • Helps prevent harm and damage if knocked into anything
  • Allows for free movement of the head and neck so that they can walk, eat, drink and sleep in comfort aiding a quick recovery
  • Simple to fit and easily adjustable
  • Available in 6 sizes, to fit most dogs plus one additional size for teacup breeds, cats & kittens
  • A practical solution to avoid further self-trauma in cats & dogs of all breeds
Name Code Barcode
Smart Collar Size 0 (Cat) P148-000 833115000005 P148-000 833115000005
Smart Collar Size 1 P148-001 833115000012 P148-001 833115000012
Smart Collar Size 2 P148-002 833115000029 P148-002 833115000029
Smart Collar Size 3 P148-003 833115000036 P148-003 833115000036
Smart Collar Size 4 P148-004 833115000043 P148-004 833115000043
Smart Collar Size 5 P148-005 833115000050 P148-005 833115000050

Eco Bags & Dispenser

This sturdy plastic dispenser can be wall mounted so that your biodegradable Eco Bags are always to hand. Holds 50 bags, is weather resistant and perfect for use in car parks, surgeries, waiting rooms and groomers. Can be fitted indoors or outdoors and is supplied with screws and adhesive pads.

Rolls of 50 biodegradable bags are a generous size (40 x 21.5cm) catering for all breeds of dogs and extra long handles allowing to easily tie for carrying to a disposal point.

Name Code Barcode
Eco Bag Dispenser P141-601 5017245989002 P141-601 5017245989002
Eco Bags P141-602 5017245989001 P141-602 5017245989001
Eco Bags 4 Pack P141-603 886284835008 P141-603 886284835008

Smart Dog Parking Facility

A lead-restraining hook and mounting plate, which may be securely attached to any suitable surface. A simple and easy way to tether a dog.

An ideal solution for surgeries, kennels or groomers, this parking hook can be easily fitted, allowing owners to tether their dogs safely.

Name Code Barcode
Dog Parking Hook P172-398 5065000488031 P172-398 5065000488031

Cat Carriers & Covers

  • Travelling cat / small dog baskets in a variety of colours and sizes
  • Full 360° view to assist in the reduction of stress
  • Top opening for ease of access
  • Deep plastic tray is easily removed and cleaned
  • Locking pin and durable handle for transporting safely
  • Covers available to help keep the cat calm while transporting
Name Code Barcode
Cat Carrier White P236-350 5065000488420 P236-350 5065000488420
Cat Carrier Black P236-350BK 5065000488666 P236-350BK 5065000488666
Cat Carrier Blue P236-350B 5065000488437 P236-350B 5065000488437
Value Carrier Cover - Blue P236-350V 5065000488826 P236-350V 5065000488826
Large Carrier White - 54cm(w) x 29cm(d) x 38cm(h) P236-350LG 5065000488819 P236-350LG 5065000488819
Large Value Carrier Cover - Blue P236-350LGV 5065000488956 P236-350LGV 5065000488956