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Designers of patented deep relaxation products for animals

Animals relax completely differently to humans. RelaxoPet is the all-in-one solution for deep relaxation based on the latest, frequent (subliminal) vibrations for dogs, cats and horses in a compact design.

All RelaxoPet Animal relaxation trainers are practical, wireless, independent of a power outlet, and have no side effects. This can be used in a wide variety of situations for a range of behavioural problems and stress-related issues. Fine-tuned over five years of research and development in close collaboration with veterinarians, breeders and pet owners.

  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Calms pets during thunder storms and fireworks
  • Emits audible / inaudible sound waves, specifically designed for each species
  • Portable unit comes with a rechargeable battery
  • Noise and motion sensor detects when your animal is stressed available on Pro models

Relaxopet EASY

With the RelaxoPet® EASY animal relaxation trainer stress is prevented by specially developed subliminal vibrations and tone sequences. The animal relaxation trainer works with its special sound versions, which are tuned to the sensitive hearing sense of dogs and cats, and let the animal relax deeply in the process.

  • Ideal solution for multi-pet households
  • 40 minutes battery protection system and LED indicator for easy operation, continuous volume adjustment.
  • RelaxoPet Easy is completely flexible due to 10 hour battery life
Name Code Barcode
Relaxopet EASY Easy (Dog & Cat) P300-020 4260414550072
Pro Dog P300-001 4260414550638
Pro Cat P300-000 4260414550652
Pro Horse P300-002 4260414550676
Carry Case P300-003 4260414550485