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British made, ethical dog treats

The love of dogs compels Sir Woofchester’s to make treats with the highest quality ingredients while striving for the highest ethical and environmental standards.

Sir Woofchester's

Sir Woofchester's Dog Snacks

  • Delicious semi-moist treats
  • 12+ Months Shelf Life
  • Grain Free
  • Natural ingredients
  • Made in the UK
  • Supplied in Shelf Ready Packaging
Name Code Barcode
Woof Bar P100-007 5060805531166 P100-007 5060805531166
Scampi Fries P100-006 5060805531173 P100-006 5060805531173
Paw Scratchies P100-005 5060805531180 P100-005 5060805531180
Sir Woofchester's

Sir Woofchester's Treat Pots

Sir Woofchester’s have created this new Doggie ‘Tapas’ collection inspired by traditional British Pub Grub.

  • BARK BURGERS beef patties with cheese
  • BARK BANGERS mini chicken sausage treats
  • SUNDAY ROAST hand baked lamb & mint bones
  • SLEEPY BONES bedtime & relaxation treats
Name Code Barcode
(49g) P100-001 5060805530251 P100-001 5060805530251
Sunday Roast Treat Pot P100-002 5060805530268 P100-002 5060805530268
Bark Bangers Treat Pot P100-003 5060805530275 P100-003 5060805530275
Sleepy Bones Treat Pot P100-004 5060805530329 P100-004 5060805530329
Sir Woofchester's

Sir Woofchester's Dog Dinner Bowls

A delicious dinner for hungry dogs

  • ROAST DINNER chicken drumstick, sausage, peas & carrots on a bed of chicken & potato dog food
  • FISH & CHIPS dried sprats, sweet Potato fries & peas on a bed of salmon & trout dog food
Name Code Barcode
Fish & Chips P100-601 5060805530312 P100-601 5060805530312
Roast Dinner P100-600 5060805530305 P100-600 5060805530305
Sir Woofchester's

Sir Woofchester's Dog Drinks

Our Dog Drinks can be served in their own pot or poured over dry food.

  • BARK BREW ‘BEER’ chicken flavour dog drink
  • PAW STAR ‘MARTINI’ chicken & passionfruit flavour
Name Code Barcode
Bark Brew Dog ‘Martini’ P100-101 5060805530374 P100-101 5060805530374
Bark Brew Dog ‘Beer’ P100-102 5060805530367 P100-102 5060805530367