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Happy New Year

Happy New Year to everyone – may 2019 be the most successful year for us all. We have so much in the plan for 2019 I just can’t wait to share everything with you over the coming weeks.

However in the meantime having just received this new video from the creators of the Doc & Pheobe system I couldn’t wait to share it with you:

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Final garden clear up time…

Is it time to clean the garden one more time before we move into Autumn?

Our Arms Length Poop Scoop is a great addition to any dog family.

Its easy to use and store but also has been designed to allow for no bending over when you collect the poop. The extendable handle has been specially created to allow for easy scooping on grass and paths.

This is our best seller, if you don’t believe how good this product is just read the reviews:


“The item works really well and makes dog poo duties much easier and quicker to carry out and I’m so glad I made this purchase. The pan and the brush handles both extend to suit your height requirements and it’s so easy to use.”

“Now this? is the best pet purchase I have made in a very long time. I have been using this every other day for several weeks. No more using gloves, poop bags and getting up close and personal. Takes a couple of goes to get used to it, but now I use a bucket, bin liner, use the flat side to scoop up the mess (paving back garden, rescue dogs won’t use grass) then empty into bucket. Tie off the bag, straight in the wheelie. Makes a daunting job done in five minutes. Gets up the solids and the runny stuff, then a couple of buckets of water and disinfectant plus a quick hose and garden good as new. I love this thing. Excellent invention.”
“This is a top item, it is extremely strong and makes the job so much easier, I would recommend to everyone and as it is extendable it doesn’t matter how tall or short you are its my number one but this year”
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Scoop it – Bag it – Bin It – NO EXCUSES

Hanging of dog poo bags over trees has become a common phenomenon and it is getting out of hand – not only is it disgusting but its ruining our environment. The latest research has shown that as much as we now pick it up approx. 42% of waste doesn’t actually make it home or into a dog waste bin.

Recent discoveries by Bristol post are showing that over 1000 tons of dog poo from millions of dogs are hung on trees and fences by dog owners without a obvious reason. This doesn’t explain why dog owners are practicing such a disgusting offence (and rest assured this is an offence and if caught you might have to pay quite a hefty fine). Most of the dog owners when asked why they carry out such a practice admitted that they don’t know but it seems that because one person did it they have followed suit – now we are finding areas of our woodlands and meadows just covered in dog waste bags.

There is no excuse, but perhaps there can be some reasons – for instance I went to a lovely doggie beach recently with my best friend and as wonderful as it was there was not one dog waste bin. I am not making excuses for people who recklessly throw the filled bags but perhaps the lack of bins could be a reason?

So where did all the dog waste bins go? These are provided by local councils and when they are available they aren’t always emptied.

So what can be done to eradicate this disturbing and frankly unhealthy practice of throwing the bags into the woodland? When I was a child there was dog waste everywhere and these days you never see it, so why has it moved on now to picking it up and then flinging it into a tree?

What owners don’t necessary realize is that waste is not only ruining the aesthetics of our beautiful world but it’s actually dangerous one major effect of dog poo on the environment is Eutrophication where the fecal matter deposits nutrients to waterways causing algae to bloom and this is toxic to aquatic life. Another effect is that dog poo is much different from manure, it is very toxic because of the variety of foods that dogs eat. Dogs eat foods which are not natural plants compared to most herbivores.

Hanging dog poo bags on trees actually can burn the tree bark, causing discoloration of leaving and overtime actually destroying the tree. And do we really need to discuss the smell? Or the potential threat to personal health?

What can be done? Pick it up! Bag it! Bin it!

And if you really don’t want to be handling it or carrying it then I suggest you invest in an easy to use, easy to handle – Arms Length Scoop


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Is it too hot to walk my dog?

I was out early this morning on my normal stroll before breakfast, nodding to all the other dog owners – whose dogs names I know but theirs I can’t remember. And someone commented, ‘he’s having a long walk now because it will be too hot after lunch!’

I agreed and we were on our way, however just after lunch I happened to decide that after basking in this wonderful weather we have been having I would take a walk alone around the neighbourhood. And can you imagine my horror to not only see dogs out, but there was one person who was riding a bike with two dogs on leads running along side… if I am having trouble staying upright and put my bare feet onto the ground do you really think you should be out with your animals??

We all know not to leave our dogs in the car, I have heard stories of people breaking windows to get dogs out of cars. So perhaps the time has come to discuss the dangers of walking them when the ground is hot.

The simple rule is….  If you hold your hand on the ground for 5 seconds and its too hot for you… chances are its too hot for your dog!


Keep them cool, hydrated and walk them when the sun isn’t directly above…


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Hazards of pet poop during pregnancy

Make sure to Avoid Pet Poop during Pregnancy….using a reliable scoop that allows you to clean up after your pet but not handle the excrement.

Household pets, like dogs may carry diseases that can be dangerous to a pregnant woman and her developing foetus especially the poo. This is transmitted from the expectant mother to the unborn child through the placenta. This can result in congenital infection where by the infection is present upon birth.

A dogs poop can contain a microscopic organism called toxoplasmosis which can be passed to human kind. Dogs can acquire it from rooting in infected soil or ingesting a cats mess. Cats are recognised as the primary host of this infection.   If in any case a pregnant woman becomes infected while she is pregnant she may experience sickness and issues with the pregnancy.

The advice is always for pregnant women to completely avoid contact with pet excrement, therefore avoiding collecting the poop and especially handling it. If you have a Scoop available this will not only avoid any contact with the mess but it also saves having to bend to pick it up.

We here would recommend you use the Arms Length this is an easy to use and wash product, its clever design means you no long have to bend down to collect the waste your best friend has left behind.