Doc & Phoebe’s Interactive Indoor Hunting Cat Feeder is the World’s First veterinarian researched and recommended complete indoor hunting feeder for cats.

When you meet a cat’s behavioural needs they are naturally happier and healthier, and that means you are too.

Doc & Phoebe Complete Indoor Hunting No Bowl Kit

 Hunt, catch and play with five small meals a day. Decrease anxiety, reduce the instance of scarf and barf, end early wake up calls from a hungry cat, and correct your litterbox woes with five easy and fun feeders a day.  Give your cat the best science has to offer with a feeder designed for their natural instincts.


Improve your cat’s behaviour – the interactive nature of this product improves your cat’s behaviour by satisfying their natural instincts. Sleep through the night and end early wake up calls. This system helps your pet maintain a healthy weight.

Prevent boredom and correct your litter box woes with 5 easy and fun feeders a day. Why bowl free – the bowl-free hunting feeder is designed for your cat’s health and happiness.

Your cat is not a dog, the bowl is the wrong way to feed your cat. Bowl feeding leads to overfeeding, laziness and frustration. When you cat instinctively hunts for its food, it’s happier and healthier and that means you are too.

Cat safe & easy to clean – all materials are designed with your animal’s safety in mind and are easy to clean.


Available to buy from leading pet shops and online retailers.

Sleep and Go

Convenient convertible bed and carrier

Twirly Bird

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Forever Fun Track

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3 Mice Kit

3 Mice Kit – Indoor Hunter Feeding kit 


Single Snacker

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Wet Feeder

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