Petvictus Ltd began trading in 2018. Its founder Pete Hill is a life long cat owner and lover. He is passionate about cats and their welfare.

Pete and his beloved cat Bones

Pete launched his company with two flagship products: “Pedaldish: The Lunchbox for Pets” and “Katfone: The Ultrasonic Whistle for Cats”.  Used together, they help to make sure that pet food is eaten fresh and not spoilt.

Pedaldish began life as a homemade invention to stop flies reaching Pete’s cats’ food when they were all out the house in the summer months. 

Both inventions were taken into BBC’s Dragons Den where they won investment from cat loving dragon Deborah Meaden.  Currently, as well as improving the design of Pedaldish, and helping to promote his inventions, Pete is busy in his garden shed working on his next big ideas.

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