CleanyTeeth for Dogs – Starter Kit


£240.00 £220.00

Dog Teeth Cleaning with Ultrasound

✔ Lower Vet Bills
✔ Stress-free, silent & motionless
✔ Tartar Removal & Prophylaxis
✔ Cleans within 30 – 60 seconds
✔ GHP Best Dental Care Product 2018


CleanyTeeth is an innovative dental care solution for dogs.

The ultrasonic dog toothbrush has a highly effective cleaning effect compared to conventional dog toothbrushes (manual, acoustic, electric or rotary). The CleanyTeeth starter kit cleans your dog’s teeth effectively and stress-free from home. Without vet visit.






The CleanyTeeth dog toothbrush brushes teeth and gums and prevents tooth decay, inflammation and tartar in dogs. The cleaning effect is based on an ultrasound technology in combination with a specially developed – suitable for dogs – ultrasonic tooth gel. According to experts, conventional brushing is not suitable to prevent tartar. Many dog ​​owners complain that their dogs do not accept toothbrushes, which is why dental care with conventional brushes is largely ineffective. Why dental care with ultrasound is most effective for dogs: Cleaning with air vibrations without movement and vibration without abrasive particles Effect deep into the gums Improving circulatio

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