RelaxoPet Pro for Birds


  • The ultimate pet relaxation device – great for use during fireworks, thunderstorms who suffer from separation anxiety
  • With noise motion mode to activate ambient sounds when your dog may be distressed
  • Up to 5 meters range indoors and 3 meters outdoors
  • Fully automatic start activated during noise
  • Suitable for all breeds and ages


Warranty: 28 Days


RelaxoPet© PRO Animal Relaxation Trainer for Birds

In nature, the bird‘s chances of survival often depend on avoiding a wide variety of dangerous situations and stressors. For kept birds, however, it can quickly lead to health problems if the animal is permanently exposed to various stressors.

In many cases, these stressors are unfortunately not recognised by the owner until too late, when visible symptoms or pronounced behavioural disorders become apparent.

Bald belly, back or wings: If cage birds look torn up, there is usually a serious problem behind it. This is because the animals compensate for stress with excessive cleaning. From boredom to new a cage space, there can be many causes.

The new RelaxoPet© PRO Animal Relaxation Trainer for birds, parrots and falcons was developed in over 3.5 years of research and development work especially for deep relaxation and is suitable for all birds, regardless of age and breed.

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