RelaxoPet Pro for Cats


  • The ultimate pet relaxation device – great for use during fireworks, thunderstorms for cats who suffer from separation anxiety
  • With noise motion mode to activate ambient sounds when your dog may be distressed
  • Up to 5 meters range indoors and 3 meters outdoors
  • Fully automatic start activated during noise
  • Suitable for all breeds and ages

SKU P300-001

Warranty: 28 Days


Stressful situations and fear can have quite different triggers in cats.

Loud and bright fireworks, for example, lead to high stress and panic reactions in almost all cats, as does a visit to the vet, the feeling of loneliness, thunderstorms, an unfamiliar situation, travel or non-animal environments.

  • This can express itself with shyness timidness, uncleanliness, panic, aggression, fear, reduced play and investigation instinct and more.RelaxoPet© PRO Animal Relaxation Trainer works in a natural way calming, fully automatic and without side effects.

    RelaxoPet© PRO is independent from a power socket and thanks to the latest technology not comparable to conventional relaxation music for cats

  • RelaxoPet PRO can do more than just relax your pet, it also monitors all stressors of the animal in the absence of the pet owner.
  • NOISE-MOTION is a real revolution. Two newly integrated sensitive micophones detect the ambient volume when the pet owner is absent. Should the animal ever get stressed or bark, this
  • RelaxoPet PRO recognizes NOISE-MOTION and switches itself on automatically.As a pet owner, you can be completely safe and worry-free.
  • RelaxoPet PRO monitors your pet in your absence.
  • Charging RelaxoPet PRO is also super-easy, with its Micro USB charging cable. Charged once for 40 minutes, RelaxoPet PRO worksover 1.000 minutes in the normal relaxing mode.
If you are not completely satisfied with your product we offer a 28 day no quibble money-back guarantee



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