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Animals relax completely differently to humans.

Every pet owners dream is to have a calm and happy pet by their side, unfortunately we are all aware this may not always be the case. Each animal absorbs stress symptoms and intensities differently and this quickly leads to permanent stress. The result is a flood of stimuli when stressors arise, up to chronic panic. RelaxoPet helps with its products to reduce these stressors.

RelaxoPet© have integrated the different stress reactions and their consequences into our their Relax-Level System, in order to find the right RelaxoPet© product for the owner in the easiest way.

Available to buy from leading pet shops and online retailers.


Herbal Premium Snacks for Dogs


Chew treats for Dog Relaxation 

RelaxoPet Pro Dog

Specifically designed for dogs

RelaxoPet Pro Cat

Specifically designed for cats

RelaxoPet Pro Horse

Specifically designed for horses

RelaxoPet Pro Bird

Specifically designed for birds


Scent Pods – Relaxation – Calming Scents 

Cooling Bandana

Available in two sizes              S/M & L/XL

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