Cats are born to hunt… even if they live indoors

Cats are born to hunt, it’s in their genes and what has kept these natural predators on our planet for thousands of years – it’s not a coincidence that a cat is the king of the jungle you know!

Even domestic outdoor cats have the natural hunting urge, whom among us hasn’t received a ‘present’ from our furry friend in the morning? Domestic cats can hunt and eat more than 1000 species including mice, birds, rats, moles and fish throughout their lifetimes. Their entire body is made for the hunt, their senses are more developed, cats can see and hear better and have skills and instincts that help catch their prey.

Indoor cats are no different, they have easily become lethargic and ultimately overweight if they aren’t encouraged to hunt and play. If you have a house cat it’s easy to become complaisant and just fill their bowls in the morning and evening and letting them roam the house while you are out at work. But let me ask you a question?

Does this satisfy their urge to hunt? The simple answer is no!

That is why the Award winning Doc & Phoebe no bowl system will revolutionise how you feed your house cats. This fantastic product has been developed over several years by Dr Liz Bales, not only a dedicated cat owner but a Veterinarian so the science behind this product is tried, tested and used by Dr Bales and her thousands of happy customers. I know I am as guilty as anyone else as bowl feeding my cats and basically treating them like ‘small dogs!’

But they aren’t! Cats need to hunt! Cats need the play! Otherwise they can become bored, overweight, aggressive and generally grumpy cats! Who amongst us hasn’t been jumped on at 4am by their cat demanding food?

The Doc & Phoebe system eradicate all this, and here is why……

Cats need to hunt their stomach is the size of a ping-pong ball (about the same size of a mouse). In the wild cats will spend around 80% of their waking hours hunting for food. They enjoy the prey, the catch, the play and they need around 5 small meals a day. Without this they will act out.

  • Hunting improves your cats moods – and saves your furniture
  • Hunting for food during the night keeps them busy
  • Boredom Prevention, your cat will happily spend their days (and nights) hunting receiving the much needed exercise.

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