Is it too hot to walk my dog?

I was out early this morning on my normal stroll before breakfast, nodding to all the other dog owners – whose dogs names I know but theirs I can’t remember. And someone commented, ‘he’s having a long walk now because it will be too hot after lunch!’

I agreed and we were on our way, however just after lunch I happened to decide that after basking in this wonderful weather we have been having I would take a walk alone around the neighbourhood. And can you imagine my horror to not only see dogs out, but there was one person who was riding a bike with two dogs on leads running along side… if I am having trouble staying upright and put my bare feet onto the ground do you really think you should be out with your animals??

We all know not to leave our dogs in the car, I have heard stories of people breaking windows to get dogs out of cars. So perhaps the time has come to discuss the dangers of walking them when the ground is hot.

The simple rule is….  If you hold your hand on the ground for 5 seconds and its too hot for you… chances are its too hot for your dog!


Keep them cool, hydrated and walk them when the sun isn’t directly above…


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