Does your cat have toys?

For an indoor feline, toys are not an extravagance, they are a critical piece of keeping him busy and active. worked out. Toys also strengthen the bond that you have with them, as soon as you pick up the toy they will instinctively know its time to play.

When considering the best toy for your feline pal the decisions and things on offer are vast and growing every day!! You can easily end up spending hundreds of pounds on times to keep them entertained, you have battery operated, feathers on sticks, balls with bells, lasers, mice……. The list goes on and on

There is no denying your cat will have an amazing time with each of these toys and will love you endlessly but have you considered there would be a better way?

Do you not think that the entire point of spending all this money is to keep them entertained, busy and active whilst indoors?

Did you know cats aren’t small dogs??? Of course you did!

So why are we spending thousands of pounds keeping our friends entertained and then feeding them out of a bowl? Is there a better way?

The answer is yes… the Doc & Phoebe no bowl feeding system not only do you get little mice that you fill with their favourite dry food. But you then hide it all over the house promoting their natural instinct to hunt.

This has been scientifically proven to keep your cats active and healthy for longer, its an award winning system that won’t break the bank.

If you don’t believe me check out this video and then if you still aren’t convinced read about all the thousands of people already using this system whose cats have not only lost weight, they have become more affectionate, stopped the middle of the night wake ups and generally calmed down any aggressive behaviour

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